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Multifunctional Avocado Cutter

Simplify your avocado prep with this multifunctional avocado cutter. Crafted from durable PP material in a vibrant green color, it's both practical and eye-catching in your kitchen. Measuring 17.7x5.8cm and weighing just 20g, it's lightweight and easy to handle. The ergonomic design ensures comfortable use while effectively pitting avocados. Simply insert, twist, and remove the pit effortlessly. Packaged in an Opp bag for convenience, this tool is a must-have for avocado enthusiasts.

  • Size: 17.7x5.8cm
  • Color: Green
  • Material: PP
  • Weight: 20g (about 5g error)
  • Packing: Opp bag
  • Use: Pitted avocado
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